What in the world is Pilates? If you have been on planet Earth lately chances are you have at least heard the name. I would think most people know as much about it as they do Pluto. And unless you have spent time with a QUALIFIED personal Pilates trainer, your view is about as distant as Pluto, and I don’t mean the dog, folks.

When I was initially introduced to Pilates, I kept thinking what kind of name is that for an exercise? Little did I know Pilates is the name of the person who designed it. Joseph H. Pilates. Then I wondered how long this “new” fad would last. My discovery led me not to some contemporary new-do, but to the early 1900s. Now that tripped me out and caught my attention. Where had I been? I mean I had been exercising all my adult life. How could I have missed it? Ok, so I was going to get on board. What to do? I bet like most of you, I was informed I should get “the” DVDs. And to ONLY get these certain ones. Easy enough. Uh huh. Easy until I plugged it in. While it intrigued me, something for me was missing. And you know, I never tried to do even one of those weird looking exercises. I shut the DVD off and never looked at it again.
But you know, that very impression that something was missing became a huge discovery. The secret? A QUALIFIED PILATES INSTRUCTOR. More on that later!