A Poochy Review

THANK YOU for participating in the 7-part Pooch series! Check out this review and see what you think.

Pooch Series Review:

1. What is one of the Pilates exercises that helps pooch reduction more than crunches?

2. True or False, you can eat more and gain less abdominal fat than someone who eats fewer calories.

3. Why and how?

4. What two beverages did we discuss that may help with keeping your tummy in shape?

5. What is visceral fat?

6. Have tummy tucking surgeries increased 49% or 407% since 1997?

7. True or False, from the Health survey, it was found that most of the participants would NOT want a tummy tuck.

8. True or False, from the Health survey, most participants would choose to have a tummy tuck if it were not for time and money constraints.

9. Which age group is least likely to augment their breasts?

10.Pilates and ________ was recommended for a balanced work-out.

11.What ways can we de-stress our minds and bodies?

12.Describe how we recommend that you breathe

13.What can cause us to have a pooch besides poor dieting and lack of exercise and maybe some health issues? Hint: your _____ type.

14.How might we correct that?

15.How many hormones do women have? Men? Which two were conducted in research?

16.Should we use supplements? What two things did we recommend to look for when purchasing from a supplement company?

17.What are your plans for tucking your tummy?

18. Take some time for yourself today and write down one simple thing you will do to begin to take better care of yourself.

ANSWERS: I bet you can find them in the 7 posts below!