A Body Designed 4 U- Part One

What is Your Body Type?

The hot rod? The sporty type like the Corvette or Porsche or the sleek curvy type like my Solara Convertible. Or maybe you like the boxy type. Ooops, not the right kind of body.

Hummm, let's see. Tall, dark, and handsome? Short, stocky, and gorgeous? Lean? Muscular? Not. At least they are human body types! But NOT exactly what I'll be discussing in this mini series. Sorry. Maybe next time.

All joking aside, many of you have asked for more info on body types. Understandably so. Hopefully, as you saunter thru the next few posts, you'll:

  • Become better acquainted with your own body.

  • Be able to identify your personal body type challenges.

  • Discover methods to posture your way into a healthier life.

Questions I'll Explore:

· What does body type mean?
· How did we get the type we have?
· What are the different body types?

· Is one better to have than another?
· Does anyone have a perfect body type?
· Does it matter to your health?
· What do they have to do with Pilates?
· Do they change over time?
· Can you correct an imperfect body type?
· If so, how long does correction take?

Thanks for joining me as we take a look below the surface of the human body.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment.