What's Your Posture? Part Three

Along with defining each body type over the next few posts, a homework section will be included. First, let's begin by giving a name to each type.

Body Types:
While there are different views and names for body types/postures, I like to use four basic types:

· Kyphosis-Lordosis Posture
· Sway Back Posture
· Flat Back Posture
· Military Posture

With that said, please know as with most anything in life a mixture of flavors are included. Some days I think I suddenly morphed into a totally different body type. But really, body types are not always static, and they are not boxed in to one type. While typically our body suit is likely to fit into one of these main categories, there will be shades of variance. I haven't met a perfect body type yet, and I might add nor have I met a perfect body.

First consider that the spine has natural curves. Usually we say it has curves like the letter S though obviously not as pronounced. But you get the concept. Those curves keep us balanced and healthy. It's when those parts of our spine flex or extend more than they should that we develop problems. Problems can be as simple as a minor ache somewhere in our body or as severe as immobilizing us or taking us on an unwanted hospital stay. The spine takes much abuse without seemingly making a sound. That very silence can become deafening.

All that to say, discovering your body type can be a beginning for your body to recover before it's all but too late. Awareness is the beginning of any recovery. With that in place, hopefully you will choose to take it the next level which means work. Work to correct bad habits and to form new healthy habits. OK, let’s begin.

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