The Indy and Pilates

No, this is certainly NOT Harrison Ford. Hummm, wonder what he does to stay fit? Pilates?

What I am referring to is:

My brother, who is an avid Racing fan sent this to me! Hooray for Danica Patrick in more ways than one! You should check out the articles on her under Motor Sports at http://www.usatoday.com/ For sure, to be a race car driver, you have to be well-groomed physically as well as mentally.

OK, so she doesn't look like your average race car driver. Is that why my big bro was checking her out, well, I mean the article of course. Just kiddin', Bro! No worry, folks, he is very in love with his beautiful wife of almost 40 years.

By the way, one of my closest female friends is a race car driver. Hi, Ang, you go, girl! varoommm *********************************************************************************
Was reading USA Today Tuesday's USA Racing Star Danica Patrick who will be in the second row of this week IRL IndyCar Indianapolis 500. She is 26 years 5" 1 and weighs 110 pounds.

She was asked, "How do you stay fit for racing?"

"I work out daily. My workout is a balance of building strength - especially upper body strength - and stamina, endurance. I use free weighs, and I do running, yoga and Pilates."


Lov ya,