Vote for Jennifer, not D.P. today!

So are you watching the Indy today? We went to see Indy last night at the Cine-Capri, only the largest screen in DFW!! Awesome.

Oh, but we're not talking about that Indy? Which one then? Oh, Indy 500. I know you'll never guess who they say will be the center of attention? Wonder why! I know it's because of her figure (no, not her income). She got it from Pilates. Way too much time on reporter's hands...and minds.

Really, I am posting to ask you to please clk on: http://www.ideafit.com/health_fitness_video_contest/ContestVideos.aspx and vote for Jennifer Griffin. She is the lady I posted about in March (check it out in the achieves) who came down with a sudden illness (sepsis) and nearly died. Just check out her video and please vote! You will need to scroll down past the first entry whose name just happens to be Jen as well. Scroll til you see Jennifer Griffin/Pilates.

After all the hoopla about D.P. this week, it's refreshing to see a beautiful woman like Jennifer being a model/example for young and old...by using her mind and not her body. She's my choice to be in the headlines. I salute you, Jen!

The photo was taken from the article in the Dallas Morning News. Visit Jen's blogsite at http://www.getwelljen.blogspot.com/