Just Between

OK, so a minor interruption from the foot series.

Just a quick note. I'm in the middle of another intense Pilates course. Four bumper-t0-bumper days. One day under my shoes, I mean belt. The foot series must be on my mind.

This course is on special populations. No, I don't mean the baby boomers! Special populations as in people suffering with injuries, women during pregnancy as well as post-pregnancy, people with certain illnesses, and so on. The course delves heavily into anatomy as well as the bio-mechanics of the body and rehab. So only after one day, my brain is fatigued. But a welcomed problem, if you can call it that.

The instructor is fabulous and cute to boot. He has an amazing background rooted in dance, personal training, business, and of course, Pilates. His expertise and charisma fast forwarded time on the clock.

So for the next few days, I'll be busy with my head in the books. But keep checking in, as I will keep unveiling new articles on the foot series as well. Speaking of which, check out the first three articles.

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