What's In A Shoe? Part One

When God created man, He did good. But when He created woman, He put His best foot forward.

OK, I don't mean to be irreverent. But speaking of feet. Did He really know just how many shoes Eve's ancestors were going to insist upon? And how pretty they were going to have to make their feet just to hide them in those shoes? (Besides wasn't Eve barefoot? Well, at least until the Fall.) Of course He did. He is Omniscient, you know. So you see, He had a Plan. However, I'm sure we have trotted off THE path.

I think it has a name. Addiction Drive, Valley, Street, Lane, Hwy, etc..

Yes, most of us are obsessed with not just our shoes but with our feet. We treat them like they are goddesses. We pamper them. We parade them. We 'plaud them. We picture them. We please them. You get the picture. And then we cover them up. We are ridiculous, are we not?

Do you blame us? I mean, shoes provide so much pleasure. Don't they? Well, yeah. To the people who design and sell them, that is. Like Jimmy Choo and Tamara Mellon.

But those of us who love shoes, do take pleasure in killing ourselves to wear the latest and greatest. We are willing to walk on stilts if we have to (affectionately known as stilettos). Well, providing they come in the right colors. I was going to say the right sizes, but we know that would be a magnificent lie. How many of us have crammed our foot into a shoe and swore it was our size? All for the delight of lookin', ah, gooood. Uh, huh. Tell the truth. And who hasn't flopped around in a shoe two sizes too big just to make the runway?

We are true warriors, shoe warriors, that is. Let the march begin.

UP NEXT: Part 2: The anatomy of the foot; the bare naked truth! And the answer to "What's in a Shoe?"