To Eat, Or Not To Eat?

"Dear Eating Disorder, You have been my life the past six years. You are heartless and mean and I'm sorry I ever started listening to you. You embarrass me and make me sick. You make me feel worthless and stupid. You've assumed so much power that it's caused me to miss out on a lot of my life..." (taken from the journal of a young lady who didn't survive the challenge)

Is this your story or someone you know? Probably ALL of us know of someone who has suffered from this daunting illness. But do we really understand the dangers crouching behind each and every eating disorder?

Yesterday began Eating Disorders Awareness Week, as noted on the side-bar. Whether you do anything to participate in a given activity for the cause, step out and learn at least one more fact as you never know how you might save a life. Yes, YOU!

Whether we have had a problem with our eating habits or not, we should take heed that this drama plays out in the lives of at least 10 million women and 1 million men in the U.S. alone (NEDA). In these cases, they are fighting a life and death battle. Sobering? That's an understatement.

This week, I'm going to be writing articles on various aspects of eating disorders. Hopefully, whether you are up to date on the matter, you will learn something along the way.

Eating Disorders Articles Coming Up This Week:

  • Understanding Eating Disorders: What is an Eating Disorder? What Do E.D.s Look Like? How Are They Affecting Our Society?
  • Who Struggles With Eating Disorders? Who is at Risk?
  • How do Families Affect Eating Disorders?
  • Learning to Eat With Purpose!
  • What Can We Do Individually and Socially to Help People Overcome Eating Disorders?

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