Dying To Be Thin

of ...


  • Extreme wt. loss.
  • Refusal to eat certain food groups (eg., no carbs).
  • Despite wt. loss, they will continue to make comments on being fat.
  • Anxiety about gaining weight.
  • Denial of hunger.
  • Food rituals develop such as eating foods in a certain order.
  • Excessive chewing.
  • Rearranging food.
  • Excuses to avoid mealtimes or situations involving food.
  • Excessive, rigid exercise programs despite weather, fatigue, illness, or injury.
  • The need to "burn-off" calories.
  • Withdrawal from usual friends and events.
  • In general, behaviors and attitudes indicating that wt loss, dieting and control of food are primary.
Anorexia Involves
  • Self-starvation.
  • The body will slowly begin to function improperly as the nutrients are no longer available.
  • Therein, leads to possible death as in the case of Karen Carpenter.

NOTE: For a personal story, click here Kacey H. Cramer
Resources: NEDA, and interviews with people who have this disorder.

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