Side-Bar Xtra!

Taking a short break from eating disorders...

Let's continue on from the Side-Bar Resolution for March:

Exercise might be more inviting if you think of it on terms of "events" as opposed to the grit and grind of pounding away at the local gym.

While the gym isn't a bad idea, it's not always easy to fit into our daily schedules.

Let's consider another way to eat up a few more calories.

Events Such As:
  • Taking the stairs at the mall.
  • Parking your car farther away from the store. Vacuuming more often.
  • Working in the yard once a week. Just try it!
  • Taking a walk with your spouse. You'll survive!
  • Riding your bike. You know, like when you were a kid!
  • Shooting a few baskets on your driveway. No hoop? Pretend!
  • Sweeping your porch. Yes, with an old timey broom!
  • Washing your car. Yes, you!!! Have fun and then drench yourself!
  • Cleaning your pool, if you have one. Then jump in!!!!
  • Be creative and make your own personal list!
These are things that I do, along with Pilates, that help me enhance wellness in my life: Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, as well as physically!

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