Dr. Phil and Sexting

As if TEXTING wasn't enough for us to worry about, now there is


Just as a reminder, Dr. Phil will be speaking about "sexting" today on his program. Check your local listings as to when it airs. It will air on Channel 11 today at 3 CST on my Direct Network here in Dallas. I think it will be helpful. Record it, if you are not going to be home to watch it!

Yesterday I thought I had recorded a program about teenagers and Internet issues. But what did I do? I accidentally clicked it for the show on Thursday. ugh! Too much tech stuff for this gal!

Anyway, do watch Dr. Phil today. Hope to see you there.

By the way, thanks, Angela, for alerting me to these upcoming programs!!!!

NOTE: Click here: Dr. Phil's Internet site for today's show.

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