The Tractor Teaser

While on vacation, back to my homeland, I was provided the opportunity to try out a new vehicle. I'm used to driving in the open air, in my convertible, but this was a whole new genre.

The new mode of transport, as you can see, was a tractor. How fun! I have a ZTR I use on my property, but it doesn't have the excitement of shifting gears. ah ha!

As you can see, I couldn't pass up an opportune moment to do Pilates. Even more fun. I suppose this is a sort of Tractor Teaser! Only, I forgot to add the other leg. Or my photographer took the pic too soon.

But there is such a thing as a One-Leg Teaser, for those of us who are on a learning curve. Believe me, a full Pilates Teaser is not so easily performed. Hmm. Maybe I should incorporate the tractor as a prop in my next class. hee hee

Before I conclude this session, I couldn't resist sharing one other photo. Priceless, don't you think? I was definitely having way more fun than I needed to. I think!

When I saw this next shot, I burst out in near tears of laughter. So I expect you to, also!!!!! You clearly have my permission. Just don't lose control of your core.

Until next time... your trusty Pilates entertainer!

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