Love Those Hookas????

The other day my hub called and told me he'd be a few hours late coming home that night. He sounded a little distracted. And he didn't give me much info, other than he was visiting someone about a new account. Hmmmm, I thought as I hung up the phone.

Later upon his tardy return, I was curious, so I politely inquired about the delay . Nonchalantly, he told me had been to a "hooker lounge?" A WHAT ????

He seemed very happy about the whole incident, but what distressed me most was his seemingly lack of regard to my feelings on the matter.

Getting control of my thoughts of wringing his neck, I opted for deeper inquiry. I calmly asked, "A what lounge?"

Without a blink, he responded, "A hookah lounge."

"OK, would you please spell that?" as I took my pen in hand.


"What the heck is a hookah?" After a lengthy explanation, I sheepishly confessed that I thought he said he was at a hooker lounge. In unison we chimed in laughter over my imaginative interpretation.

But, really, what is a hookah, if not a hooker? And are they so different?

Hookers And Hookahs...
  • They come in all sizes and shapes.
  • They can be both fascinating and alluring.
  • They both might share concerns with the influences they may bring into your life.
  • They can used for entertainment.
  • They are not conducive to share with your children.
  • They are not typically for a family gathering.
  • They take as much time as you like.
  • They can be expensive or inexpensive, depending on where you go to get it.
  • They might be plastic.
  • They have been around for centuries.
  • They can be addictive.
  • They can get you into trouble with your health.
  • They give you an outlet when you think you need one.
  • They can waste your time and money.
  • They allow you to pay now and later, but mostly both.
  • They both present opportunities to play with fire.
  • They both will cost you more in the end than the beginning.
We Know What Hookers Are, But What Is A Hookah?
  • While hookers have inhabited America, the land of the free, since time began, Hookah lounges are just now attracting an audience across our nation.
  • However, hookah has its roots in the mid-eastern culture almost as far back as prostitution.
  • Hookah, (aka shisha) is what I'd call a water pipe or bong. I guess that dates me. The 70s. I know "you" know nothing about such a thing.
  • Hookah is all about smoking fashionably in a socially friendly environment.
  • Shisha is known as the tobacco or the tea that is used in the hookah. However, shisha is aka the pipe itself.
  • Hookah smoking has been used through the ages as a means to relax and chill with friends.
The question has been, is hookah smoking safe? Or safer than other forms of smoking? The answer according to the medical profession, is no. Read the side-bar and check out the link for more info.
While you may find yourself enjoying lounging at a Hookah, you will have to consider whether it's worth your while.

Like at any social gathering, you will find r&r amidst an array of casually dressed settings. Settings such as the lounge my hub was checking out as an account. Of course I had to go sneak a peek if I was going to report on it. Right?
Quite interesting.

My Experience With Hookas
Upon walking in, I was warmly embraced by the bluesy, jazz sounds lofting through a spicy fruit flavored aroma. The spacious room greeted me with open arms. Yet, it was wrapped in small packages of soft and subtle earthy tones. Each an island surrounded with its own charming character. Some with large cushy sofas, some solely with comfy chairs. All with tables fitted perfectly for engaging conversations while smoking hookah (or in my case, not smoking).

The lounge carefully carried the theme of the 20s though arrayed with an eclectic flare. Did I say quite interesting? How about intriguing? Definitely inviting to the weary worn seeker needing solemnity.
Some lounges offer alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks, others ask that you bring your own. Others offer food while some request you bring your own. I would imagine all offer a place for you to just chill and enjoy yourself. Yes, there is usually a cover-charge.

Music? It will vary. In the lounge I went to, I heard a variety but all enjoyable to the hearing palate. This particular lounge offers nights on the week-ends with a professional DJ as well as an opportunity for gatherers to dance the night away. Speaking of which, most of the lounges don't open until around 4 and many stay open until the wee hours of the morning, on week-ends.

The age group? You guessed it. The 20s. Although you will find all ages taking part in this bluesy leisure experience.

In one corner, you may see a group playing cards or watching a game. Then another in contemplative discussion, while a different group might be steamed in heavy debate. But all carefully engaged with one another somehow.

Besides the second hand smoke, of which, I will have to say, I didn't even notice, the hooka lounge was an inviting experience that cost me nothing. And that is welcomed in a time of recession and chaos.

Is It For You?
You may have to step out of your comfort zone if you care to even explore the idea. It's certainly not for all. And I can't say it's a place I'd want to frequent. But now and again? Sure. There was nothing dangerous of my soul being stolen, and I didn't smell like smoke upon leaving. And I did find it a safe place to learn about people with a little different view than myself. A different culture.

I'd say it's probably as safe as any restaurant you walk into that has a bar. Or one that still allows smoking. You are exposed to alcohol in both of those cases. So unless you can find a smoke free, alcohol free place to eat or relax, a hookah lounge might not be such a bad idea.

And while the person smoking hookah may be doing themselves more harm, the second hand smoke didn't come close to what I've encountered from cigarettes or cigars in even the best ventilated restaurants.

Am I Condoning It?
I didn't say that. I said it's up to you. Any time we smoke, we take a risk. I am saying that I'd have to tell you to stay out of most any restaurant if I were going to use the same standards. I am just here to inform what my experience has been. And it's only been one. Your best bet is to inform yourself before proceeding.
By the way, while I imagine that hookers may always be...but...

HOOKAH NEWS-FLASH: In light of the govt seizing authority over tobacco via FDA, hookah lounges may soon be blowing up in smoke or at least come to a burning halt. There is debate as to what the standards, the regulations will be for these various venues of smoking, be they restaurants, cigar, or hookah lounges. We shall see. DMN 6/12/09

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