The Mystery Of The Lidless Toilet

This is how I maintain bathroom etiquette.  Ask anyone who knows me well.  (See photo!)

Why Am I Posting TMI (too much info!)?  
I was at a hotel this past week. Not my idea for overnight stays, but you do what you have to do, right? 

While there were some odd issues from the get go, such as upon entry to my hotel room, the desk trashcan was placed neatly ON the desk, (I guess someone thought access on top would be more user friendly?) and dark coffee stains were on the bed covers? bluck! I elected to overlook it as everything else was in place.

Fast-Forward To 4 a.m. That Night:
BACKDROP: Truth is, I had to get another room as my flight schedule was mixed up (by me!).
Upon entry, BOTH toilet lids were up and the potty had not been flushed. Now, let me clarify that what had not been flushed; it looked like leftovers from where housekeeping had been cleaning. Regardless. I immediately put the lids in their rightful place (photo above for directions!)

I went on about my evening, enjoying long awaited solitude. Got ready for bed.

Moving right along. Around 4 a.m., I thought I heard something at my door, but I dismissed it as nothing threatening and went back to sleep. Around 5 a.m., I was awakened by yet other noises around my door. Hmmmm, so this time I got up to see what was lurking in the dark crevices of my room.

I noticed movement from the shadows under the door. The hotel bill was pushed half way under my door. OK, that seemed fairly normal. But before I headed back to bed, I thought I'd just potty. I know, I know, TMI, but without it, you won't get the full view. Not that I really want you to.  Oh my.

Anyway, without turning on the light, I went to be seated, when suddenly I found myself plummeting into the cold toilet water. If I wasn't fully awake, I was then! I don't know whether I was more startled from the Nestea plunge, or the fact that both lids were up. Understand, I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave toilet lids up, especially not all three. Afterall, I'm not a man. Really, I'm not! =)

Completely awake, having been jolted out of a deep slumber, I was ready to take on the world of ghosts or intruders. I'm not the kind of person you can mess with in the middle of the night. Now that I'm thinking about it, not by day either!

Moving right along. I stumbled my way back to an empty bed and jumped in and smothered myself with every ounce of covers I could manage. Only peeping out for a breath of air.

Sleep? That would be for another night for all I could do was retrace my steps and wonder. Wonder how in the 'burg ALL THREE lids were up on that potty???? Had someone come into my room at 4 a.m.? Was it a dare? After all, this was in a four-college town. Hey, how many pranks did I play when I was a young adult? You don't even want to know. Well maybe you do, but that's for another blog.

Fox News had just reported about cameras being planted in hotels...so maybe this was truly a joke...you know, me falling into a toilet at five in the morning. Well, I would laugh at me. Wouldn't you? Sure you would.

The more I struggled to figure it out, the more the equation became less solvable. I finally gave it up as the break of daylight came peeping through my window.

Later when I spoke with my hub, he knew immediately who it was. Huh? Who?

"Well, Dave, of course", he quipped. "He just couldn't be away from you any longer!"

Ahhhh. Of course, why had I not thought of that? Dave is our friendly ghost back home. I know, I know, that sounds crazy. Maybe. But we like to think he is happy in our home. And I'd much rather think he was the answer to the mystery of the lidless potty than someone actually making an unannounced visit that night.

Before and after!!!! Well, sort of.

NOTE: Fox News report on hotel cameras actually had to do with a highend hotel, out in Cali, I believe. Invasive? Hmmm, if you call management encouraging customers to use them explicitly for the purpose of capturing their romantic encounters. But wait, that's not all. They are then encouraged to post the results on fb.

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