Dancing Hearts in the rain...

Rain, Rain, Go Away and Send Snow Instead TODAY!!!!   Rain is to be danced with, but snow? It's to be in love, love, love with!!!!  And I am! Rarely do I have the pleasure of its presence since moving to this part of the country. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Perhaps. But still.

So rain it is! Coupled with that are boots!!! Maybe my love for boots could be equated to my fondness of that white winter wonderland of snow!

Women and their shoes. Ellen Marie and her boots!!!!! My fave for the moment are my "Puddles" or as some call them "Wellies." Take your pick.

When is it Stylin' and When is it Not?
Just like Pilates protects us from the poundings and storms of life, Wellies embrace/snuggle us from the rainy downpours, the snowstorms, and, yes, even the sunny days when we just want to "feel" like stylin. So really, you are not limited except by your imagination. Live a little! Don't be afraid to be different! It's healthy. But if you want it from a more glamorous source, check out Glamour Fashion.

Where Did Rain Boots Originate?

Sources say, from England. Wellington, to be exact.
"Rain boots were created in England back in the 19th century. A man named Arthur Wellesley, the First Duke of Wellington, asked his favorite shoemaker to modify Hessian boots (fancy leather boots worn by soldiers) to make 'em more form-fitting and look cooler. These boots came to be known as Wellingtons, or Wellies, and became a total fashion rage! After rubber was invented, rubber Wellies were introduced and became popular with farmers who could keep their feet dry and mud-free while workin' on farms." (Kidzworld, Inc. 2010)
Through the years, they've also been known as galoshes, and as one source reminded me, even "rubbers." They giggled as they told the story of their old fashioned teacher in the late 60s telling them to make sure they "wore their 'rubbers' on rainy days." Little did she know rubbers had transitioned into slang for condoms.

Moving right along...in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand they are known as gumboots. And top-boots in Ireland.

Styles and Prices?
You will find that they come in all colors, designs, shapes, sizes, and prices.  Even Jimmy Choo/Hunter, if it fits your budget ($300-800).  My pick on the ritzy side: the red Hunter's that Angelina wore on M/M Smith. But if not...

Most can be found at reasonable prices ($20-100) and are delightfully decorated to meet the eye's appeal. I can always count on compliments flurrying around me when I fit them into my outfit (ck out the photo above)!

Check out this site for fun and playful boots for your kiddos! Love the Western Chef Lady Bug boot!!!

Chooka has some great opps, too! Nomad is another company with entertaining choices. Kenneth Cole has a great Jimmy Choo "looking" pair for just under $100.

Have fun looking and deciding! I'm off to dancing my "hearts" in the rain PUDDLES!!!!

Other places to purchase rain boots, click here!

Get the Goods on Rain Boots

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