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On the size issue, I can't restrain myself, but I thought it was interesting that just yesterday one of my dear friends, who was a model (yes, a professional model) in the 80s sent me a link to some of her photoshoots from back then. I looked at her dress size. Are you ready? NO, not a size one, two, etc. But a size 7-8. In one case, it cited her as being a twelve. I was shocked. She had (still does) an envied figure: 34-24-34. So has there been a "size" change in clothing? Go figure. Hmm, I need to blog an article about this. LOL

But my point is, if 34-24-24 was a size 8-12, what is it today? Not the same. That particular figure would be about a 4-6 today.

So have sizes changed? Of course. As in most everything, changes are made to fit the needs of the masses. And to sell.

Take heart though. We are not all made to be size four. Or eight. But maybe, just maybe, we are all made to be closer to being a size fourteen. And what is wrong with that picture???? Honestly. A size 14 isn't unhealthy. No, it doesn't look like the latest model, but then do you really think they are healthy?

NOTE TO YOURSELF: Remember that the average American woman is a size fourteen. Hmmm, what's the average male size? Let's not go there! At least, for right now!

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