Webs in Your Eyes!

There is nothing like having spider webs, creeping and crawling around in your eyes. Do you know what I mean? Hopefully NOT!

OK, OK, so you say, I don't always see clearly anyway.

All humor set aside, we need to protect our eyes.

Recently, I had a friend tell me that he was "down at his barn" one Sunday lazy morning working away on his tractor, when suddenly he completely lost his sight in one of his eyes.  I can hear him now, "Yep, I was down at the barn whittling away around 10:30 and everything was as clear as the bright blue sky, and at 10:31, I went blind in one eye."

"Wow, you must have freaked out and ran straight to ER!" I responded confidently.

A look of perplexity fell across his face as he responded as only any good old country boy might, "Well, NO, it was a SUNDAY, so I waited till Monday for the doc's office to open."

And you thought I was bad about going to the doc?

Thankfully, he did make it in time to save his eye. For you see, his retina had detached. In those cases, from what I understand, you have about 24-48 hours to have corrective surgery or your eyesight will most  likely be permanently damaged. And I mean, as in BLIND.

Many have symptoms such as the webbing I mentioned above, as well as flashes of light. Floaters are typical earlier on. Unlike the webbing and flashes of light, floaters are more apt to do just that..."float" in and out of your eyesight. They usually look like black dots or spots and they dance across your sight range. Webbing almost looks like an eyelash dangling in front of your eyesight. Flashes are like bright lights shooting in front or around your eyesight.

In Don's case, he had ZERO symptoms. Now, that's scary and fortunately that is not the norm. Most people, I believe, have some of or all of the symptoms mentioned above before the retina detaches.

The surgery in his case, was about $16,000. It is performed in the hospital, typically as an out patient. He said it was painless and only took about an hour. He had to wear an eye-patch for a few days, and his sight didn't return for about a month.

I'm happy to report that his eyesight is better than ever. And most any Sunday morn, if you look, you'll see him...back down at the barn fixin' this and that!!!!   

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