My Pilates Logo, All The Way From Singapore!

Thinking about designing your own logo can be an ongoing battle of creative juices sloshing around in your little mind. Well, at least, that was my case. Not having the success I was desiring, I was next to exhaustion.
Then one day to my total surprise,  I opened an email that caused me to smile like I had not in at least a year! Attached was the sketch you see above, only in a more pure form. I have since added the border.

The em was from a friend, Ruth, I had met Online. She created and drew this Pilates lady just for me. I am still smiling at this precious gift given from the other side of the world, and from someone I have never had the privilege to meet in person!

The position is one that mirrors the Pilates Teaser. And maybe the gal mirrors me!!!! Ruth, you did good!!!!!

So here is a shout-out to Ruth. Click here to check out her website!!!!

****Logo NOT to be used without expressed permission. Thank you.
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