OK, so you are thinking "grandma"? Nope, I speak not of good old grandmama. I am talking about YOU. If you haven't already, one day you may very well become your mother's mother. Does that make you your own grandma? UGH. OK, so I'm getting a little goofy. Indulge me. In all seriousness though, being your mom's mom can mess with your head.

So I am there folks. And while it's sad, it's life.

The benefits are many though the challenges are just as numerous.

I do love to share the Pilates principles with Mom and she does listen. I remember when we first discussed Pilates. Just getting the pronunciation for her was a challenge, which is common. As the conversation culminated, with a sigh she said, "Well, I guess it's too late for me." Without hesitation I shared that it is never too late. Not that she could correct all of her posture issues, like her kyphosis, but she could deter more problems. Light danced across her face for hope. And that brought joy to my heart. Since then we have had many discussions on how to apply the Pilates principles in her every day life.

By the way, it is doubtful that my daughter will ever become my mother. She has reminded me that we are so close in age we will probably be in the nursing home at the same time! Imagine! I can see us now; the oldest and hottest Pilates babes anyone has ever seen racing our walkers down the hallway faster than the little old men can catch us!