Finding Pilates in Loss

About a year ago my daughter told me about a young lady named Jen who had been married just a few months and suddenly became deathly ill for some unknown reason. Even the doctors did not have much hope. That piqued my interest, so I decided to check out her blogspot to see how she was doing.

Initially Jen and her husband thought she had the flu. But as the symptoms progressed rapidly it was discovered she had sepsis, which is toxic infection (multi-organ failure). Her legs were amputated at midcalf and her hands just below the wrists. I won't detail the rest but would ask you to check out the story in the Dallas Morning Newspaper. The quickest way to find the article it is to go to Jen's blogspot at http://www.getwelljen.blogspot.com/, look on the right side column and click on Dallas Morning News; it will take you directly to the article. It is a pretty amazing story about an amazing young woman.

What does Jen have to do with Pilates? I knew you would ask that!

I commented on Jen's blog back then and told her I thought Pilates would be wonderful for her. Time passed. Then one day I had a friend whose mom suddenly became very ill for some unknown reason. The next thing she knew they were having to amputate one or more of her mom's arms and legs. That reminded me of Jen, so I told her about the blogsite. In a matter of days my friend's mom was diagnosed with sepsis; it was heart breaking. My friend did go back to Jen's site and Jen gave her words of encouragement. Unfortunately, her mom did pass away, I believe in January.

All that took me back to Jen's blog. I had not visited it in a few months. As I read her posts, I discovered she had started taking Pilates! I can't tell you how that blessed my heart. Also I noticed that she was going to be participating in a Pilates workshop about the same time I was going to a Pilates workshop. I couldn't imagine that it would be the same one, but I wondered. Sure enough it was! And the funny thing was I had been talking to and emailing the head of the workshop who just happened to be Jen's trainer, Donna. It is a small world! Too cool.

The sad news is I did not get to attend the workshop as my little mama had taken a hard fall, and I felt like I needed to stick close to home. The good news is Jen is doing very well and is still enjoying Pilates immensely.

Check out her blogsite: http://www.getwelljen.blogspot.com/ and go to February 10, 08 posted "Pilates Engagement". You will enjoy the journey.