Thank you, Andrea, for your expertise in helping me launch
Pilates Worx 4 Life! Andrea has spent 20 years of her career (which means she started the business at age 5 or so!) in the printing business. My daughter, April, introduced us a few years ago. They are good friends and are both professional photographers as well. Amazing ladies with much talent from which I have greatly benefited. Anyway, she took quite a few hours the other day in the midst of her busy schedule to finalize some of the graphics on this site. Hope you enjoy!

Andrea and Pilates!
Andrea was brave enough to let me share a private Pilates session with her a few months ago. After that session, I think she would probably tell you a DVD is not the way to go to truly learn the beautiful discipline of Pilates. By the way, she is very "connected" which made my job easier.

Her job was not so simple when roles were reversed, and I was the one sitting in the student's chair. My body might not be in a fog, but I can tell you my brain was about to blow a cyber fuse. Plus, being blond does not help matters any. But you know we came out on the other side having a new appreciation for the field of work we have each chosen.

Hope you enjoy her work with the graphics on this blog while you are checking out the posts, etc.