No, this series is not about your doggie. That’s for another blogsite.
So what does that leave us with? Ah, yes, Pooch, the TUMMY. NO, on second thought, don’t pooch the tummy.

Of course, not everyone has issues with their tummy. You may be lucky or young enough to not have a little pooch of your own. However, the stats show that the majority of us struggle with mid-section inflation! So read on, please. I can guarantee that you know someone who could use some xtra encouragement on how to get their pooch in training!

Seriously, though, the next few posts will be about what do you do with your pooch? Hummm, just like with your doggie, you may have questions like:

· What should you feed it?
· How should you train it?
· Is there any hope for it?
· When, if ever, should you consider giving your pooch surgery?
· Why should it matter if you have a pooch or not?
· What causes it to act the way it does?
· What exercises are best for you little poochy?
· Is Pilates good for the old pooch?
· And do you really want to get rid of pooch completely?

OK, let’s get started with Pooch Training 101.

PART ONE: The Pooch Series