Posture the Pooch! Part Two

This is one cute pooch, don't you think? I love the pink. Do you ever have days where you feel like this though? I know I have. Well, unless you are a sumo wrestler, I don't think you want to be carrying around this xtra matter.

When did this cute belly of his come forth? Where did ours come from? For sure our body types come in to play. Have you ever taken a close look at your body type? If not, I would highly recommend you take the time to discover the design of your body. (Look for a later article on specific body types and how we address them in Pilates and in some cases how we undress them!!!! )

By example, if you could see my little mama you would see the wear and tear her body has endured because she did not correct the issues with her body type. Some things we can't always correct 100%, but we can sure impede the problematic issues that may arise later in life. Mom has kyphosis and loridosis as did her mother. Her thoracic spine has increased flexion and her lumbar spine is hyperextended which typically leads to "belly pooch-out". Add to that osteoporosis. My daughter and I carry some of those same genetic traits. We have to work on opening up our shoulders for just beginners and watching that our pelvis does not go into an anterior tilt, which can cause the belly to pooch.

OK, have I totally confused you? I am very serious about the importance of knowing what body type you have. Knowing will help you to better understand your pooch! And you can learn what do to tone your stomach muscles.

While I am going to address the food factor, etc. it is critical for you to understand that you have much more to consider to keep your belly toned.

If you want more info on body types and how you can discover what yours is, you can email me at pilatesworx4life@juno.com . And watch for my upcoming post on postural body types.

PART TWO: The Pooch Series