Get Out From Under That Load!!!!

Let's work on refusing to acquiesce to the stressors in our lives. What do you say? "How?"

TAKE 10. Joe Pilates said if we would apply Pilates just 10 minutes a day we would see a difference in our lives in about a month. The difference is not limited to physically seeing a change, but mentally and emotionally finding a quieter place in our souls. We all need it. Surely we can all find 10 minutes.

LISTEN TO MUSIC. Soothe your mind from the weariness of the day.

AUTONOMY DAY. Yes, a day carved out just for you to do something that relaxes you. It's the old airplane spiel...You need oxygen before you can give it to others.

DEEP BREATHING. Pilates recommends it for chilling out. Too, it nourishes your cells with oxygen! Detox! Give up the shallow and take a deep plunge. Implement at least a few times a day! Remember Pilates breathing is not through the belly. We breath laterally in and through the ribs (back and front) and up through your lungs. If your shoulders are rising up and down, you need to go back to the drawing board. Draw your breath in through your nose taking in throughout your lungs and ribs, expanding them like a bellows, then exhale nice and slow through your mouth (some expel via nose). Please make sure you are not slumping. Engage your core, lifting your pelvic floor like a Kaegel exercise. Last but not least, don't stress over getting this just right at first!

JUST SAY, "NO!" to high stress foods (if even for a day). You know, all the yummy stuff we love to indulge on. And don't kid yourself into thinking eating dark chocolate is good for you when the top ingredient in that candy bar is a ton of grams of sugar.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS. Find those that are standardized and stabilized and are of good report.

REINTRODUCE YOURSELF 2 YOU. Find what gets to you the most. Take one small step to mending that "relationship". And let's think broader than just human relationships. It may be that you are OCD over your house being clean. Or you may find great irritation in the car with other drivers. Ask yourself in that moment if it is or they are worth sending out more cortisol to fatten up your abs or not? Probably not. Let it go. Choose to exercise your will. Make the moment work for you for a change, not against you.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. This may mean trimming some "branches". You may have to spend less time with certain people who drain you. Drink from healthy relationships.

YOU ARE OF GREAT VALUE. No matter what toxic "tapes" play in your head, refuse to allow the poison to penetrate. Flush it out and destroy the tapes before they destroy you.

BE STILL. That simple. Quit doing all the time and exercise your will to be still.

OK, what's my pleasure? After a nice Pilates warm-up, I light a delightful candle by the fireplace, (yes, even in the summer months in TX) with soothing instrumental music floating in the background and a good read in hand.
No phone. No radio. No TV. No people.
How about you?
PART FOUR: The Pooch Series