Feed The Pooch More? Part Five

Eat More Food?
Ah, yes, but there is always a catch. According to the Framingham Nutrition Study, women who eat more calories per day and, here's the catch, eat healthier foods are two and a half times less likely to develop abdominal obesity than women who take in fewer calories but take in less fiber and more saturated fat. Whew, that was a mouth full, pardon the pun. But no calories!
(Google framingham nutrition study for more details)

Prevention Magazine reports (09/07) that 56% of Americans say they are endeavoring to lose weight;however 90% of them don't know how many calories they inhale per day. ouch.

FYI-CAUTION: Educate yourself on healthy foods, and don't be deceived by label claims on products at the grocery store. Organic whole foods will be a better selection than canned, or frozen, or dried.

Drink More...
I drink every day, ALL day. H2O, that is! Filtered. I begin every day with a TALL glass of water. Some research is now saying we do not need 8 tall glasses of water a day. I say just use common sense, if you have it, if not, borrow it from a friend. There may be days you need more than 8 glasses. You know, the days when you have worked your tush off in the yard in 120 degrees? Too, water aids in better digestion, lessens your raging appetite, and even accelerates fat burning. And best of all, NO CALORIES. You can't beat that.

To Abstain or Not?
Research continues to pour in that women who drink about four ounces (moderate) of wine a day have less abdominal fat and total body fat than abstainers (study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism). As a caution research also says wine may possibly increase risk for breast cancer in women. What to do? Like you, I have known people who had difficulty in maintaining moderate amounts when it was all said and done. We never think we are going to be that "one". We each have to work out our own salvation! Be responsible and keep a balance!

Need an Oil Change?
And probably long past due. We know research has proven OLIVE OIL is a great staple for our hearts. However, according to a study at the Reina Sofia University in Spain, this Mediterranean oil helps prevent tummy fat as well. And did you know olive oil is a fruit juice? Not that I am recommending you drink it for breakfast. Anyway, you might want to change your oil in order to get better body performance!

Just so you know there is debate about which kind of olive oil to use. Virgin, xtra virgin or not, etc.? ( check it out: www.whatscookingamerica.net/OliveOil.htm )

Feed the Pooch Steak?
In a study out of Skidmore College it was found that consuming higher-protein food in six smaller meals a day markedly reduces total body weight, as well as abdominal-fat mass in overweight people, both genders. (http://www.skidmorecollege.edu/ and look for the study on a protein diet)

Seafood is what most ID with omega-3s, though you can get them in some nuts (walnuts). Heath Magazine reports ( most any nutritional report will agree) O-3s in your diet reduce the production of adrenaline, a stress hormone that contributes to an increase in your fat in and around your pooch. FYI there is concern about seafood available on the market today. Some seafood is contaminated from toxic laden waters. Too, be careful if you buy omega-3s in supplement form instead of whole foods. Not that all whole foods are ideal, but again anytime you are purchasing a supplement, please make sure the product is what it says it is. Remember there are no standards in the supplement industry. However, there are supplement companies, though few, that do a great service in providing quality wellness products. Look for standardization as well as stabilization.

Nutritionists as well as some in the medical field recommend taking a good pro-biotic every day especially if you just came off of a round of antibiotics. But in this case we are discussing the tummy, and pro-biotics have been found to help in digestion and decreasing bloating of the belly. In this same vein, diary products can cause some people to experience bloating. While this is not directly related to belly fat, it is still important to consider. Too, would we not rather say we are just bloated than to say we have belly fat? Now that's a thought.

All this talk of food makes this pooch hungry! Until next time.....