Paying To Be Injured?

How many times have we heard, “Pilates injured me.”? Pilates died along time ago so how could he have injured anyone? Joseph, that is. OK, OK, I realize they are not referring to Joe. Most people do not know Pilates is named after a man. Regardless, Pilates does NOT injure people, people injure people. Not that I am implying that all the responsibility rests totally on them. But if you are reading this you don’t have to be one of those who gets injured. At least the odds are against it.

How so?

First, I know you are not even going to attempt Pilates without a few private sessions with a one-on-one qualified Pilates instructor. Right?

Qualified? Qualified means someone who has spent more than a few hours or a day or weekend learning the discipline. Qualified comes with proof that they are training ongoing with a professional Pilates training center. With that brings the assurance that the requirements are set high for the trainee which includes: hundreds and hundreds of hours in lecture, practicing the system, and then putting it into motion with clients. Too, the process is pricey. It’s called investment. Yet, even after all that, a qualified instructor will have passion for their work. They will not be satisfied with mediocre but strive to create ways to infuse health into the body of their client.

It really is a combination of study, application, and intent. Find what works for you and your needs. Don’t settle for less…because remember you are the one paying. And you don’t want to pay with an injury.