Sore Muscles and Washer Wringers

In shape? One would hope so especially if they are a personal Pilates trainer! OK, just what is it that I am trying to confess?

After four intense days of being in an advanced equipment Pilates certification course, I am not sure why I am NOT exhausted. I was pondering out loud to my husband as to why I was not sore? His response was one we all hope for: "You are in shape, that's why." While I appreciated his sincerity, I had to disagree. You can be in shape and still experience soreness and most definitely when your body has just taken a tour through the wringer.

Which by the way, I would bet neither of my children (both grown) would come close to knowing what "wringer" means. This is a side note but if you think about those old wringers, like my sweet mama used to have, you get the idea of what I felt like over the last few days. Wrap your mind around that visual. Me, going through one of those old washing machine rollers. OUCH. Talking about needing to get control of your core. I guess no amount of core work would help you out in that contortion.

OK, enough. Back to the why? I had a "shoot fire, save matches moment"(my little mama's saying). A light for sure came on, and I saw CORE written all over that light bulb. Controlling my core in all the moves proved to be the answer. Are you asking why, I, Ms Pilates teacher am just now flipping the switch and seeing the light? Good question. While I have attended intensive Pilates courses before, this one proved to be one of the toughest in the way of having to engage with such precision in challenging positions for that many consecutive days.

Bottom line? True, controlling your core and engaging your muscles correctly and precisely is the answer to not just good health, but prevention of injury. The testimony is more than that though. And it's more than just being in shape. (Besides what is the definition of "shape"?)

It is about knowing how to implement each and every move with precision, control, and concentration while putting it on your specific body (type and issues). It's about modifications needed for your particular body, THEN you can find a way to get through that wringer without coming out mangled. That is huge, folks.

So with that said, how can anyone possibly think they can go into a random gym or rec center and take Pilates where one size fits all? There ain't no such thing (*skel). Besides have you ever found any item where one size fits all? Rich is the person who came up with that illusion and poor are those of us who bought into it. As it is with those who buy into doing Pilates before they truly learn it from a professional. One Pilates move does not fit all. However, the move will fit when it is tailored for the individual.

Yes, freedom from sore muscles made me a believer in the method of Pilates once again. Who would of thunk?

***** skel=Slaughter King's English License (I bought the rights a few years back).