Attention! Part Seven

Wow! No posture graphic. Aren't you happy? It's time for us to move on past the actual types and discuss how we came to have these bodies, are we stuck with them, what do we do with them, etc. Did you see yourself in any of the types?

But before I head on into the next chapter, I am briefly going to go over the Military Posture. since I did mention we would looking at it.

We seldom see the Military Posture, so I'm not going to detail it like I did the others. And you may have noticed, it's not even on the posture graphic. In most posture curriculu, it's not included.

Military Posture

  • Head neutral
  • Cervical spine- normal curve, slightly anterior
  • Thoracic Spine-normal curve, slightly posterior
  • Lumbar Spine-hyperextended lordosis
  • Pelvis-Anterior Tilt
  • Knee Joints-hyperextended
  • Ankle Joints-slightly plantar flexed

As you can read, this posture has issues as well. While I don't have a picture for you, exercise the right side of your brain for a minute! I bet you can get a visual by picturing, say a movie, where the troops are lined up and postured to meet the general! Guarantee you there won't be any slouching going on there!

A recent movie you may have seen is Annapolis with James Franco. Who, by the way played in the Spider Man series, and Flyboys to name a few. You just never know what you might learn on this blog. Kidding! Anyway, he was in the Annapolis Naval Academy. If you haven't seen it, go check it out, and take a gander at...James. Just kidding, even if he is cute. Really though, you'll see plenty of military posturing.

Or you may remember some old military movie, say with the Duke in it! Or how about none other than good old Gomer Pyle! How fun was that? If you are 25 and under, you may not know what in Sam Hill a gomer pyle is. And, no, Gomer is not about Hosea's harlot wife in the Bible. Then that may be unfamiliar as well. I think I need to take heed and stop.

OK, OK, I think you get the idea. And if the military wants service men and women to have that stance, I ain't about to correct it. I will say, I have noticed that most people who come out of the military shed the posture.

Duty calls, see you in the next post!

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