Where Did You Get That Body??? Part Eight

It's called birth. That's all it takes. And out pops a body with over 300 bones. Amazing. We are born with certain bone structures, and tendencies toward certain types of body mass. While I weighed in over 10 pounds at birth, I grew to naturally be tall and thin. I do not have a large bone structure, nor do I naturally have large muscles or for that matter medium ones! Small ones? Let's hope so! I have friends who are shorter and easily build muscle. And what do we do? Usually sit around wishing we had what the other has. Humans are funny, are we not?

Think of our teeth. What do teeth have to do with body types? They are a genetic combination of our parents. We don't get to decide how they are going to grow in our mouths. That’s not to say we can’t correct in part and sometimes maybe in whole. With our teeth, we know the face of correction typically looks like braces and or surgery.

But our posture demands greater attention and maintenance/follow up in order to find its correction. The greater exam /challenge is to gather info, then draw that education into our bodies. What was it that Princess Di always said, "Knowledge is power.” Helplessness leaves and empowerment arrives.

And, then, yes, we by our very nature affect what we are innately given. That usually occurs as soon as we come out of the womb, though in small doses. Then enter our caretakers. They are our models. We are their echos. They teach us how much to eat, what to eat, etc.. Ahhhh, so let's leave it there and blame it on them. We can, but that no workie, at least not in my class. Do we need to discover what birthed our habits? Might we need to forgive well meaning folks for being an unhealthy catalyst ? I would say, without question!!!

Looking at our own personal choices in the process is paramount in recovery. Or we can wallow in the dysfunction of the past. We choose. Oops, this is starting to sound like a therapy session. (Can't seem to help it, I was a crisis counselor for about 7 years.)

How Do We Affect Our Posture?
We have elected to eat too much or not enough, or both. We have decided not to exercise enough, and, or too much. Think about it, if our body is too heavy or too light, adjustments occur. We have taught our muscles to perform in ways that greatly damage our posture. The list goes on. You get the idea.

Any or all of these can destroy our posture. They influence the way we walk, run, sit, stand or even the way we work or play sports. Most of us don't know how far reaching the damage is until an issue speaks up. Example: my mother's kyphosis didn't just happen; it developed gradually over many years of improper body alignment.

So why not begin now with taking a look at ourselves in the mirror.
While we are working on healthier lifestyle habits with our weight, etc., we can begin to posture ourselves into looking better every day. How? It's pretty simplistic; it won't cost a thing, and it's calorie free. Now that's a deal.

Simple Suggestions:

  • Begin by sitting up taller, standing up taller.

  • Lift up your head as though someone is pulling you up from the top of your head.

  • Draw your shoulders/scapulae back and down (no ear muffs, please).

  • Engage your core (pooch time).

  • Lift up from your torso (stack your ribs instead of crunching them over and down). Remember your ribs are there to protect your organs, not suffocate them.

You just dropped 10 pounds! I know you have to feel better, and I can promise you, your organs greatly thank you.

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