How Long in the Body Shop? Part Nine

Great question. I am certain what you are really asking is, How long will it take to bring balance into your unique body type? Until the day after forever maybe?

OK, how about something more reasonable like as long as you are breathing and having birthdays? That sounds about right. Friends, we will always have to make body corrections unless our bodies quit devolving. And that is not likely. If that news is disruptive to your positive mind control, don't despair, there is hope.

****The good news is with every correction, no matter how small, you breathe life back into your body. With every correction you will diminish the aging process. While we can’t beat the clock, we can carve away bad habits by sowing good seeds of correction into our bodies.

A good example is little Mama. While her body continues to show wear and tear, like it or not, she is not totally helpless. With every little raise of her head, and or her shoulders, she delays and defies the beating hail storms of life.

Caution: The longer you wait to get the broken down vehicle (we all have them) in the body-shop, the longer and harder it will be to get the engine going and running smoothly. And it does come with a daily (taking it in every 5000 miles and or 6 mos just won't do)maintenance/prevention plan; so use it. That is, if you want to prevent blowing up your engine. Now that would be a nasty sight. I know you don't want to leave that kind of mess for your family to clean up! ugh

So off with the old and on with the new. Slide your way into that sleek new body style of yours and watch the envy grow all around you.

Following are some suggestions:

  • Get a proper body assessment from a qualified source. Make sure they view your posture from the front, back, and side.
  • Request a guide/plan for your individual body's needs.
  • Apply, apply, apply and then apply-4-life.
  • *Pilates is a key player for my clients in body recovery, so I would highly recommend finding a qualified Pilates instructor and asking him/her for help.
  • And please remember this is a lifetime project that will bring you lifetime results. I know you would prefer your body to end up as a sought after collectible rather than landing in a crumpled pile of epidermis in the junk yard.
  • *I would highly recommend learning the 5 Principles of Alignment. I will re-post those for you. Practice them in your everyday life.
  • Get frequent body checks. Pay attention to your body. Give permission to someone you trust to gently cue you if you are getting body sloppy.
  • Send your muscles the right info. They do have memories. What you teach them will reflect in your posture and in your health.
  • And SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!!!!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment.