To Be Or Not To Be

OK, so I am exhausted. What a week end. What a Pilates work out. Siri was a wonderful teacher. She knows Pilates. Classical Pilates. It was my first experience tasting Classical. My background is in Contemporary Pilates, which I love. Has my mind changed? They each have their place in this world. I refuse to get into the argument that whirls around in some circles.

I believe there is a beauty to what Classical brings to the table. They are the original. Pilates is their baby. We wear t-shirts that claim We Know Joe (I'm styling one at this very moment). But they truly knew Joe and Clara. They are from that generation. We should respect them. They have a seasoned voice that we can learn from. Do we have to agree on everything? Does any good marriage work like that? I think not.

We all have something to share. We can be students and be open. Or we can grumble and wall ourselves up in our own prideful attitudes. What will it be? It is our choice.

More on my week-end experience later. As well as the foot series, Part 5.

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