Acai Update
Jamba Juice contacted me yesterday as promised. 100 pts for them! FYI, they have fantastic customer service. The process by which they bring the Acai to the U.S. is basically the same as the rest. They, too, as I thought, flash-pasteurize. They asked how I felt about that? Too, I was pleased to hear that they ship all their juices to the store frozen, to be thawed in the frig. But the greater news is the shelf life of the Acai juice is only one day. OK, where is my Jamba Card????

I have not heard back from O.N.E. Amazon Acai. I read that they ship directly from the Amazon unlike other companies. I'm not sure what that means or that it's true.

Suga' Or Not?
On a content issue, I discovered. O.N.E. Amazon Acai has 29 sugars in their drink. They say it's because of the tart nature of the Acai. I agree, Acai is tart. But 29 sugars in an 11 oz. natural drink? That's the norm. Gotta tickle the American tongue. They do use organic cane sugar. Good news there.

Sambazon's frozen Pure Acai Smoothie packet has zero sugar. I use it and add less than a T. of honey in the smoothie on Food 4 Life (side-bar), and it's plenty sweet. Yes, there is sugar content in honey. But only 9 g's. Note: Sambazon has a packet with 13 grams of sugar (Original packet). They have a drink/juice that has no sugar added, just Acai and Agave.

MonaVie. I'm not sure about their sugar content. I would think theirs would be natural sugar from the 19 juices. I will ck on that. I haven't tasted any yet, but guess who is sending me some to try????? Yelp, Betty and Bill. I was so excited when she emailed me today and told me it was on its way. Her news came at a good time as I had a challenging day. I told her I might just guzzle down the whole bottle in one setting! Too, I joked and asked her if MV is a fermented product? Fun Times! Oh my. Don't worry folks, it's not. BUT it does have a LOT more antioxidants than red wine.

So I'll be back to report more on MonaVie. I expect good things.

So What To Pick?
Here's the deal. There is room for everyone. I think!

ON THE ROAD: Well, if you want a quick smoothie while you are on the road, try Jamba Juice. You might want to ask them to hold the soy and add xtra Acai juice. Remember they do add a scoop of sherbet. But other than that, all they add is real fruit and ice. It's sad we now have to add "real" to a product. Like what else is there!?

AT HOME: If you want to make a tasty smoothie at home, try Sambazon's frozen Pure Acai. By the way, they have a variety of products.

AS A DAILY SUPPLEMENT: For a juice loaded with mega supplements, you might want to consider MonaVie on a regular daily basis. And I bet you can use it in your smoothies as well. I, for one, am planning on trying it in LN's Acai smoothie. MV has, I believe, two products.

I can't address O.N.E. at the moment except to say I'm open. Would I drink O.N.E. while out and about? For sure. I just don't usually choose drinks that have larger amounts of sugar. But I'm not as opposed when it's an organic sugar. Also, I believe O.N.E. just has a few products.

Now go out and be smart. Do your own research. Find what works best for U !!

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