Get Organic? Get Well?

Ever had one of those daze?

The Acai article yesterday evoked much curiosity. Thanks for your many emails and comments.

Here's An Update:
Sambazon and MonaVie do pasteurize their products. Jamba Juice is getting back with me today; I'm certain they do as well. Also, I'm awaiting a return call from O.N.E. Amazon Acai that Lucy recommended. But before you and I get our organics in a tizzy, let me clarify. They flash-pasteurize. Kettle-pasteurizing is the more invasive process that we hope to stay away from. OK, so do you feel a little better? Hummmm.

Let's Consider Why They Pasteurize
We are dealing with the Amazon, folks, where there are not a few hundred, but thousands of animal species. Remember the 1.2 BILLION acres with 2.5 million of rain forest? Pretty big place. Which most has been undiscovered and uncharted.

Species Brings Feces
With that many animals comes what? Lots of pets? Sure. How about lots of feces. It's life, folks! At least it's organic. That's why you might hear me say "crap". I'm very into organic, even in slang speech.

OK, let's get serious. Feces in record #s on the Acai berry could create a problem for those of us who want to consume it in record #s. So what to do?

The Companies Standards
The cleaning process is thorough. But even with that, the possibilities of contaminates exist. Enters the flash-pasteurization process. Again, it's life. Nothing is perfect. Sorry to disillusion you! Would you rather have: a good quality supplement with little chance of croaking or a higher potent supplement which could land you in the hospital or the morgue? You decide, after all it's your life.

The companies are also practicing GMP's. Good Manufacturing Practices. While the U.S. has standards, Brazil is just that, Brazil. However, I was told by a Sambazon company associate that Brazil will at some point (soon is the prediction)climb the ladder to better health practices. U.S. companies are ahead of the game.

How Do We Decide What To Buy?
Should we buy organic? Of course. However, you probably know that just because a product says organic doesn't mean it's necessarily so. Again, it depends on the criteria of the country or company. What is their definition of "ORGANIC"? I mean, after all, our cereals are allowed to have X amount of rodent hairs and such in each box. OH, Goodness, were you eating breakfast...cereal, no less? Sorry. But then rodent hairs are somewhat organic, are they not? OK, so I'll stop with the goofing.

Back to organic. For instance, MonaVie has 19 fruits with a wide range of colors which adds Xtra benefits for the supplement. But the fruits are not, nor can be all organic. For example the wolfberry is grown in China and China doesn't have an organic certification process. Yes, the Acai is through the Institute for Marketecology (IMO). By the way, the Acai is the greater portion of the MonaVie product, though they don't disclose just how much. You know how patents go. Which by the way, I was told that they have a patent, but my research unveiled the patent is pending. That's common.

So while companies like this try to keep their products as pure as possible, there is no way any product from any company is completely unadulterated. Let's get real here. We live in a toxic world, especially here in America. What we breathe, eat, touch; it's all toxic at some level. The only pure place is Heaven. And we ain't there. Well, that's my understanding and my opinion. I know you can't tell I have those. The strong kind, of course.

Standardization and Stabilization
I've been a distributor for supplement companies. The best of the best, with stabilization and standardization. Pharmaceutical grade. Which by the way, please take note. Find out if the natural product you are buying has that clout in its bottle. If not, quit using it. Otherwise, you may be getting nothing more than a pill/drink with zero supplement content in it. Rip-off. But if you believe in the power of suggestion, it might work for you. But then, you might want to go to a counselor. However, that will cost you, too. Oh my. I think I better stop again. Please hear my heart in my humor.

Look For GPA Standards
Note above. Look into the company's policies. See it with your own eyes.

Look For Patents or Patents Pending
Go to the company administration and find out. Don't rely on their associates. Ex: just yesterday, I was told three incorrect pieces of info about MonaVie. The associate was passionate about his product, but passionately wrong. Thankfully, Betty (previous article) helped me find the correct answers. Thanks, Betty!

The Best Options R More Than On A Shelf
And, please, oh please, do not go into your local GMC and think you are getting the best natural supplements. There are Network Marketing companies that I can assure you are better than some of the junk sold on the store shelf. Get over the Network Marketing of days gone by. They are that. Gone by, or bye-bye. Not all, but at least in many cases. Replacements: honest and good people with fantastic products. Check them out before you run. I did and was thankful as it saved my health. That's another story!

Testimonials/Life Experiences
But legit ones. Talk to people you know and trust before believing in a product. I'm not saying don't try a product. I'm saying proceed with caution.

Get Off Of Yo Lazy Bo-hiney And Research
And, PLEASE, for those of us who are not relying on doc being God anymore, listen up. Don't turn around and do the same thing you did for years. You know when you acquiesced your entire life and mind over to the medical world? Don't give your mind and life over to "health and wellness" doctors. First, find out what their credentials are. Think for yourself. Research. Don't be lazy. Be an informed consumer of natural products. And get healthy without getting robbed by the next latest and greatest magic potion! There is no such thing, nor will there ever be. There will always be imperfection on this earth. Told you I was strongly opinionated.

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