Tips 4 The Week At-A-Glance

Some of you have requested to have the Tips For The Week at-a-glance. I will post them on a two month basis. Which means this one will cover the tips for June-July 2008. ENJOY!

June 2, 2008

Alignment, Alignment, Alignment! Need I say anymore? Pay attention to where you are in space. You includes your entire body. Is your head running ahead of your body? Is it tilted to one side? Are your shoulders slouched? Are they level? Is your pelvis neutral or is it tilting? Are your knees and feet turned out or in? Catch yourself in the mirror and correct your posture! REVIEW the 5 Principles of Alignment.

June 8
What's the first thing you do and the last thing you do in this life? Breathe! Pretty important stuff. So how well do you do it? Check yourself this week. Is it shallow or deep? Remember that deep breathing is critical to the work of Pilates as well as your everyday activities. Try it and feel the difference. Review #1 in the 5 Basic Principles of Alignment.

June 15
Put your best foot forward. Which one is that? Both, just not at the same time! OK, here's the 1st TIP: Awareness. Notice where your feet are when you stand, sit, or walk. Besides the ground. How far apart are they? Are they pointing in the same direction? ETC. Work on keeping them in alignment with the knee. Try not to roll them out or in. Seize neutral! Read the Foot Series for more insight.

June 22
Head Nods R NOT jams into the chest. Head nods are not a flexion of your whole cervical spine (C 1-7). Rather they're initiated from the atlas and axis (top two vertebrae). It's an ever so slight movement of the head/neck. Gentle. Try it in a seated position. It's small but huge. Especially when you consider most of our heads are as heavy as 8-10 pound bowling balls. Amazing.

June 29
Your core. Do you know what that really is? Transversus Abdominus, (TVA). It rests deep below your larger, surface muscles. Below your rectus abdominus, external/internal obliques. Most often people work the latter three and not the TVA. Stand. Inhale. Wrap your tummy like it's in a girdle. Exhale while lifting up from your pelvic floor (similar to a Kegel). Practice makes better!

July 6, 2008
How does your spine move? It was Designed to flex, extend, rotate, and move laterally up and over. Implement all of these in your body daily for better health and lifetime results.

July 13
Some people get confused about extension and flexion of the spine? Simply put, extension is when you are moving away from your body. When you are in flexion, it's moving toward your body. Remember, we need both of these invited into our bodies on a daily basis if we want to create an avenue for health. NOTE: For more detail, ck Posts on July 16-18.

July 20
Pass on your passion for health. Find one person this week to share your desire to take better care of your body, mind, and spirit. Just one. Even if you are NOT there yourself, you will make a difference. You might want to refer them to our blogsite and website.

July 27
Find the nearest doorway. Yes, doorway. Amazing props are available in our own home. Position yourself with your back against the frame. Use this as a tool to align your body. Think of where you are in space. Ex: Is the back of your head touching the frame? Is it slightly away from the frame? Or is it out of alignment, taking off out in front of your body? Correct your posture. Dosage: At least two times a day for the rest of your life.

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