Visit the Bar 2-morrow!

Hello! Home at last. While I've missed blogland, I can't say I've missed TX heat. Ah, but we are nearing the end of August!

While gone, I had the thought that it might be nice to add something new to the blog. Just 4 U !

Keeping it simple so you can R&R (read and run), I've decided to add a NEW tip for the week. Only this one will be a healthy tip, not that Pilates isn't.

Get ready to be challenged. Starting tomorrow, I'll be adding "it" to the side bar. I haven't decided what the heading will be. And, no, I won't be texting it tomorrow morning, like Obama! LOL By the way, who is his vp? Don't worry, I'm not going to get political on you. Only pilateal.

See U tomorrow on the side-bar.

PHOTO: Taken by Andrea Photography. Pilates in the Park session with 4 generations!

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