Is This Diet 4 U Or For The Rats???

More times than not are we not duped into believing the word "diet" on a food product means a path to thinness or at best a little less fat hanging off the sides of our bodies? Without question.

But what are we really losing here? Weight? I think not. More than likely, we are losing momentum on ridding ourselves of the added weight by depending on "diet" products. For one, they usually are wreaking with synthetics. Big NO-NO.

You can't trick the body. If you try, the body will begin to fight against itself. And therein you are asking for more trouble. It's called autoimmune diseases. Am I saying diet products cause AD? No, I'm not laying claims to anything. But we need to consider what we are doing to our bodies all in the name of trying to look like the airbrushed images sprayed across every mag we see. Are we willing to sacrifice our health for a look, that is not likely to happen anyway? Probably.

Let's just take a look at the following quote:

Artificial Sweeteners. Surprising news for people trying to stay slim: New
research suggests that even noncaloric sugar substitutes, whether “natural” or
artificial, may contribute to weight gain. Researchers at Purdue University
published a study in February showing that rats gained weight when fed foods
artificially sweetened with saccharin. The researchers speculated that when the
sweet taste of the sugar substitute wasn’t followed by lots of calories, it
threw off the rats’ response to calories in general. As a result, they ate more
food. Although this response doesn’t necessarily apply to humans, many dieters
find that after eating sugar-free food, they compensate by indulging in other
calorie-rich sweets.
Note, "it threw off the rats' response to calories in general." Meaning? Is this not an example of the body getting confused? Regardless, if it's a rat or not. The human cellular system was not designed to be tricked.

I've yet to see people truly respond favorably in losing weight by using diet products. When I say favorably, I mean with long term results to a leaner healthier body. Healthy. Remember, you can be thin and unhealthy.

So what to do? Be responsible. Quit depending on diet products. Rather feed your body organic healthy foods, smaller doses, and get out and exercise (maybe Pilates!). Make it a lifetime commitment. It will change your life.

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