Top Ten Cities 4 U

Top Ten Best Cities To Live And Or Retire In:
Ann Arbor, Michigan; Honolulu, Hawaii; Madison, Wisconsin; SanteFe, New Mexico; Fargo, ND; Boulder, CO; San Francisco Bay Area; Charlottesville, VA; Minneapolis-St.Paul; Naples-Marco Island, Fl.

Top Ten With Highest Life Expectancy:
Ames, IA; Naples-Marco Island, FL; Corvallis, OR; Yuma, AZ; St. George, UT; Honolulu, HI; Iowa City, IA; Logan, UT-ID; McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX; St.Cloud, MN.
US average is 78.1. These cities reflect 80 and above.

Top Ten Skinniest:
Boulder, CO; Sante Fe, NM; Prescott, AZ; Palm Bay, FL; Bend, OR; Barnstable Town, MA; Missoula, MT; Sarasota-Bradenton-Venice, FL; San Francisco-San Jose-Oakland CA; Fort Collins-Loveland; CO. BMI(body mass index) is about 26.

Research Note: Consistenly cities in the South reflect the highest rates of obesity and chronic diseases in the nation. I knew there was a good reason why the South is not my fav place to live!
Source: Research on the "top ten" stats are according to AARP 2008. The first ten were gauged by 20 measures of vitality like clean air and water, along with the health and habits of the residents.

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