How'd We Get So Lost in the 21st Century?

Yesterday I was reminded how we must sound to our children. My husband and I were discussing how late college kids go to bed. My son's roommate kept him awake the other night til 3 a.m. ! No, it wasn't from snoring. But from clicking away on the keyboard. My son said, "Well, at least when I do that, I have the courtesy to go into the other room." Fun Times. Just wait until he gets married. Oh my.

OK, back to my point. My husband said, "Well, when I was in college......" And I thought, Yeah and how many many, many, eons ago was that?! That was then, this is now.

"Welcome to the 21st century," I hear out kiddos saying with eyes rolling to the back of their heads.

Hubby may not be on target with when he thinks kids are supposed to go to bed. Afterall, he went to bed...9-10 or some odd hour like that. Even I never did that in college. However, no, we weren't kept awake by our roommate's "clicking"...well except maybe the clicking of their teeth. Thank God for mouth-guards!

All that to say, there are definite differences in the good old daze and today. Which are the best to have grown up in? You decide.

  • THEN: We ate wild blueberries in the woods. And they didn't need to be washed.
  • NOW: They eat Lunchables, which are made of questionable ingredients.
  • THEN: We climbed trees, while enjoying the fresh air.
  • NOW: They get allergy tests.
  • THEN: We walked with our pals along train tracks or thru' the neighborhood.
  • NOW: They walk with parents on a leash in the nearest mall.
  • THEN: We played Stickball, Kick-The-Can, or Hop-Scotch (no, that's not liquor).
  • NOW: They play XBOX.
  • THEN: We heard, "Be home by dark!"
  • NOW: They hear, "Answer your cell when I call you!"
  • THEN: We went to summer camp.
  • NOW: Fat Camp
  • THEN: We did cannonballs off the hi-dive.
  • NOW: They play Maro-Polo in the new shallow play pools.
  • THEN: We had many a skinned knee, bruised rear, and bloody nose.
  • NOW: Carpal tunnel at age 4.
  • THEN: We played Jacks.
  • NOW: Who's Jack and how'd U play him/her?

Let's get lost in the 50s tonight....just for a few seconds to detox from the 21st century. If you'd like, you can scroll down to the PlayList, and find the old song Lost In The 50s Tonight for a bit of nostalgia. Fun Times! And all free: of calories and toxins.
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