Prop Yourself 2 Looking Better

What kind of props can you use to do Pilates at home?
  • A Pilates mat, which means a thicker mat than a yoga mat.
  • A mirror to check your form.
  • A couple of towels to use if you need them for your lower back or your neck.
  • A stability ball. Make sure it's anti-burst and the right size for your height. 55 inch is average.
  • Stretch bands of various sizes and strengths. Although one will suffice!
  • A large phone book, or I prefer a small stool if you can't afford a barrel. This is to raise you up off the floor for reasons like tight hip-flexors.
  • A small ball.
  • A dowel rod about 36 inches. One from Home Depot will work!
  • A Magic Ring.
  • Relaxing but invigorating music!
These props can help with modifications in the essential work. They can also be used in advanced work to enhance the movements.

Make sure what you purchase is a quality product. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at pilatesworx4life@juno.com .

Again, a prof Pilates instructor can never be replaced by a video or even a blog!!!!

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