ISAW Pilates !

This is the Pilates Saw. Notice she is sitting on the floor. She's flexible, which many of us are not. She is able to keep her legs/knees from popping up and look how far she's able to reach. Remember I have said we are about modifications. If you have tight hip flexors/ham strings, I would recommend sitting on a barrel. If you don't have access to one of those, you could use a large phone book; something to lift you up off of the floor. In doing so, you will not put unnecessary strain on your body.

If you recall, when you force your body into an advanced move when it is not ready, you are defeating the purpose. When one muscle is compromised, other parts of the body begin to try and compensate. Therein comes possible trouble.

Our goal is not to confuse our bodies more. But rather teach them proper movement. This takes time as most of us have given our bodies a lifetime of incorrect information.
  • Begin sitting on top of your sits bones. Use a mirror. Where are you in space?
  • Engage your core.
  • Shoulders back and down.
  • Arms afloat out by your sides, but keeping them slightly in front of your shoulders and slightly below shoulder height.
  • Inhale to prepare.
  • As you begin to exhale, rotate your torso and take your right hand to your left foot (opposite hand to opposite foot). Think of your pinkie finger gliding across the outside your little toe, the Piggie that went, Wee-wee-wee, all the way home!
  • Don't forget to allow you head to follow your spine.
  • Notice, too, that her feet are flexed at the top of the move, and as she saws down, her feet are pointing/extending slightly out.
  • Please, if you can't reach that far, don't force yourself. Range-of-Motion is to be considered. Her ROM is advanced. It's important that you find where yours is. If you are unstable, then you are out of your ROM. If your hip is hiking off of the floor/book, you are out of your range. Pull back in. Make the move smaller. You will still benefit. Believe me.
  • Inhale.
  • Exhale as you return on top of your sits bones. Stop.
  • Inhale to prepare.
  • Exhale and go to the opposite side (left hand to right foot).
  • Inhale at the bottom. Stop.
  • Exhale and begin to return. Repeat 5 times on each side. End with the side you started on for balance.
As always, do not begin an exercise routine unless you have consulted a trusted health professional. The Saw may not be advisable if you have certain issues in your body.
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