Some Times We Can't Keep The Bed Bugs Away!

On a wellness note, since many of us have not had "hard" winters, here is my pick for an immune booster: Wellness Formula.

When I say "hard," many of you know that I mean we have not had hard enough freezes to kill off all the "bugs." Those pesky little critters will attack when you least expect, like they did me this morn while I lay sweetly asleep.

I'm usually free of winter ills, and I never take a flu shot (my personal method to fighting the flu, and it's worked for years). Well, you know, I am not negating Pilates as a means of keeping the immune system up and running full speed over the bugs!

 If I have a sign of anything that seems a tad off, like this morn (scratchy throat), I usually take six the first time, not the three they are allowed to suggest. However, I would not take them on an empty stomach. If you have a sensitive nature, I would advise you go with recommended amount or less on bottle.

You should be able to find it at your local health food or GNC type stores.

 Off to kill more bugs...

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