And My Vote Goes To...

Yes, most of you may know I love
The Wizard Of Oz. But this one? Hmmmm, not sure!

Take a closer look.
This would definitely be Somewhere Over The Rainbow!

We may be needing to find the Yellow Brick Road after this Tornadoz election.

Oz might not be such a bad place to live. I just can't find it on the map.

All in fun, folks. Laughter is medicine. So this is your health tip for the day. Whether your "party" wins or not, find something to chuckle about today as we celebrate this historical event. We will either have our first female vp, Sarahdot, or our first black/white pres, Obamatin.

Finding my way back home. See you there!
My Vote
So my vote goes to...Simon Cowell. Oh no! And it goes to Brit's phenom 6 yr old Connie Talbot (I'm discovering her a little late to vote but I'm casting it anyway!) and Whitney Houston singing one of my fav songs.
I'm off to add them to my PlayList. Which by the way, you'll have to scroll down to my Play List and click the upper left hand icon to turn off the music so you can better hear the following clips from UTube. You won't regret it. Amazing. Oz-ingly Amazing!
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Connie's album was released here in the U.S. in Oct. For the track listing, click on her name, and it will take you to her site. The list will be at the bottom.

PHOTO: Snitched from my bro's site!