Facing-Up 2 Your Blow-Up

Recently my fav Pilates mag highlighted actress Lisa Rinna as an avid Pilates student.

I appreciated how Pilates has helped her keep that gorgeous figure; however, her "looks" seemed a little contradictory with the very nature of Pilates. Her face didn't come from the system, neither did her bust size.

Perhaps you find me a twinkle harsh. Maybe. But know that I believe Lisa would be a beautiful woman without all the injections.

I wish women in the media would embrace life and not always try to defy it or even deny it. Read the stats on the negative effect the media has on our young girls. Sobering.

An Interesting Study
I recently read a study where 1200 teenage girls were asked if they used the media as their gauge on how they should look/behave? There was a resounding, YES! And when asked would they continue embracing this as a "social benefit" even if it compromised their principles with family and faith? Ninety-eight percent said YES! (Lies Young Women Believe, DeMoss and Gresh).

We have a serious problem, and I don't look for it to resolved. The key is that we are going to have to begin right where we are. Each of us must begin to make better decisions based on clear mental and emotional health, not the example of the distorted media.

Lisa's Mouth Confession
I do salute Lisa for coming clean. RINNA: 'I OVER-INJECTED FACE FILLER' 2008-11-06 03:15:04 - Beloved U.S. TV actress LISA RINNA has openly confessed to taking her beauty regime too far and becoming an over-injected Juvederm fanatic (Starplus.com 11-06-08).

She spoke to In Touch and confessed, We all know everyone does it." But, "You have to be careful. I'm a perfect example of that." (DMN 11-9-08).
Well, Lisa, not everyone does "it". At least not in my world.
Juvederm differs from Botox in that Juvederm is a volumizer where as Botox relaxes muscles in the brow to diminish the appearance of facial lines. (Dr. Stephen Greenburg)

Your skin is made of two layers, with supporting columns holding them apart. The area in-between includes the clear-jelly like substance Hyaluronic Acid. While young, the Hyaluronic acid is in abundance. As you grow older, the acid between these layers diminishes, and the skin somewhat caves, causing a wrinkle along the line. The wrinkle would be gone if you filled that area back up with the Hyaluronic Acid jelly-like substance. That's where Juvederm comes in.

According to the experts, when we reach 45 years old, we begin to lose our faces as we once knew them. By the time we are 50 most of supposedly have lost over half the hyaluronic acid we had as a child.

Facing Up To The Social Stats
  • In place of plastic surgery procedures such as face-lifts and eye-lifts, consumers have been moving toward less invasive injections in the name of youth and beauty.
  • In 2005, the global market for dermal fillers was $442 million (up 200% since 2000), with the U.S. dermal filler market projected to grow 25% a year through 2011, according to research supplied by Allergan.
  • Last year, 3.2 million Botox injections were administered--up 99% since Botox was approved for cosmetic application in 2002, the company says.
  • The company also says growth of non-surgical aesthetic procedures is outpacing surgical procedures by three to one--dermal fillers being third, behind Botox and electronic hair removal.
In laymen's terms for tightening the muscle/line with Botox, then softening or filling the area in with Juvederm. In fact, that combination therapy is something that many dermatologists have long been doing with Botox and Juvederm competitor Restylane. (New York Plastic Surgeon, Andrew Mark Klapper M.D.)

Face The Cost?
The average cost according to Real Self.com is about $686. According to the experts, you can expect when you are told you will only need another treatment in 6 mos, you will probably need it in 3 mos.

Doc Shop says the price is going to depend on where you live and your individual provider. They go on to say "...to treat smile lines around the lips, your dermatologist may require one or two syringes of JuvĂ©derm®, costing approximately $450 to $600 per syringe. Finer lines—such as those immediately around the lip."

What's Your Face Worth To You?
  • Research says about 1 in 2000 experience side-effects.
  • Do you want to be that ONE?
  • Too, how much do we really know about these injections? Long term effects?
  • And how much is too much? In the many articles I read, I noticed that consumers of Juvederm, like Lisa, struggled with feeling like they didn't get enough. That they needed more. That their lips just didn't look big enough. It reminds me of anorexia. People with that disorder never think they are thin enough even to the point of death.

My View
Once again, I'm reporting with some what of a slant. I believe in taking care of ourselves, as you know. But are the synthetic updates on the face and body really going to keep us any younger?

And where are all the men? They are off playing or watching their fav sport. And I don't think it's looking at fake fat-lipped women, other than finding sport in it.

Truly, ladies, what are we going to pass on to this next generation? Bust-a-seam, I mean bust-esteem? Lip-esteem? Or strong self-esteem based on confidence from within?

You decide.

PHOTOS of Lisa: Taken from Google
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