Did U Forget Your Homework? Part Two

Thanks for your emails and comments on the previous article on Air Your Problems Out. And your questions. I think I need to do a question for the week section! What do you think? I always wanted to be an Ann Landers...because some of her answers drove me crazy!!!

Did You Do Your Homework?
I could hardly sleep as I kept counting, no, not sheep, but chemicals. Chemicals I have in my house. Yes, me!!! What did your homework list look like? Oh, your doggie ate it? HMMM!

Here's My Homework List (I don't have a dog!)

Household Cleaners:

  • For starters, non-toxic cleaners and "stuff" are decorated all thru my home. I'm going to give you some tips later on what you can use.
  • My counter top, stove top, furniture, bathroom, clothes cleaners are non-toxic.
  • I refuse to use oven cleaners any more. The last time I did that, I nearly blew myself out the door. Unbelievable fumes. I could hardly breathe. Damage to our lungs for sure. No more!
  • Dryer Sheets: I don't use them. I'm sure you've heard how unhealthy they are. You like the sweet aroma??? You won't like the smell of the daisies when they are growing out of your nose when you are 6 feet under.

    Sorry, I had to say it. I couldn't' control myself.

    Believe me, you can survive without dryer sheets. And, yes, dryer sheets do send off chemicals into the air and for sure on your clothes. Try a safer way to drying: Dryer Balls.
My Report: I have used "dryer-balls" for months now, and I absolutely LOVE them. I've had NO static and that was my concern. The ONLY draw back is they can be noisy. But for whatever reason, I have embraced their music. I think it's the sound of health that sings to me.

Dryer Balls Ingredients
They are non-toxic and so far they have been awesome. Except I lost one of them. I need to be careful how I announce that as one day I was running around loudly exclaiming, 'I've lost my blue balls, did anyone see them????" You don't want to know the responses. Dryer balls are made out of high grade virgin PVC, are nontoxic and free of allergens. Most are shaped 3 inches in diameter, with spikes around them. Using dryer balls instead of chemically treated dryer sheets is also healthier for you as well as the environment because you are able to avoid the risks of chemical residues left on clothing and released into the air. The dryer balls are non toxic and hypoallergenic, a definite advantage for people and babies with sensitivities.

I'm GAC...Guilty As Charged:

  • GAC: At times I use bleach. Big NO-NO.
  • GAC: I use a Swiffer floor cleaner. The chemical smell decorated with a fragrance nauseates me. I'm getting ready to switch to a user friendly steam cleaner for my tile floors. I have one picked out; it's "green"!
  • GAC: Sanitizer. While I have a non-toxic brand I use, on occasion I use Amway's. I'm sure it's not toxic free.
  • GAC: I've been known to use Comet. Yes, a NO-NO!

Bath and Body Products:

  • Shampoo and Conditioner: This is a tuff-ee!!! I do use a natural product but also use a product that is not totally free of "junk", etc. I'm not satisfied with the natural prod and am looking for a different one.
  • Body Wash: I quit using it and went to an exfol natural soap bar.
  • Body Lotion: I just threw out my J-LO lotion. I don't use fragrance lotions any more. Remember your skin is your largest organ and what you put on it typically absorbs into your body. Not good.
  • Hair Spray: I don't use it.
  • Deodorant: Ninety-five percent of the time I do NOT use a antipersperient as most of them contain alum. I've heard Milk Of Magnesia works well. Haven't tried it YET. I use a deo from the same company I buy my non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Perfume: Oh my! While I used to use these a lot, I haven't totally abstained. I use them only on special occasions and do so sparingly. I don't know why we think we have to "smell" up an entire room upon entering. We must have a need to be noticed!

Wash Your Mouth Out

While mouth wash and toothpaste have little to do with the "air", their ingredients could be to die for. Well, maybe. A good brand is Tom's. I have been able to find it at some Wally-Marts...way up on a top shelf. They are wonderful and are body-friendly! Whole Foods carries it as well as a some other whole food type stores, but they are typically more expensive than Wally-Mart. Not that I'm in love with WM. Especially since Sam passed away.

Reminder of Ways To Detox Your Air

While we have discussed just some of the many toxins we bring into the safety of our homes, we need to remember to use other methods of "cleaning" up our air. Examples:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner that does not throw-up what you just cleaned up. ugh.
  • Keep your windows and doors open when you can.
  • Add plants. Speaking of which....

NEXT ARTICLE: Will be on products that are cleaner for the "air" in your home. Stay tuned.

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