Is Life Living?

OK, so you are either laughing, or ahhing. Well, maybe neither. But you get the point. Sad. Yet, it does reflect an endearment to the reality of what we call life and growing old together.

"In America, the average life expectancy for a man is 81 years and a woman, 84 years. And it's climbing!" (Johns Hopkins Medical Letter 11-17-08)

But what does this projection "look" like?

Many years ago, while in my graduate studies, I remember taking a course called Life Span Development. The area that grabbed my attention:

While Americans quantity of life is expanding, the quality of their lives isn't.

It didn't mean as much to me then. But now? Yes, I'm aging. Like it or not. How to do it well is my focus as I don't want to just live longer...but better. Know what I mean?
So once again, I'm more convinced that Pilates is the perfect solution to not needing diapers for future purposes. Now if I can just convince my hubby! (Pelvic floor engagement!)

Just my thought for the day.

What will you do today to make your life worth living and not just existing?

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