A New Kind Of "Good" in Hollywood Films

More de-stressing info for you during the holidays! No, I didn't say distressing! At least, I hope that's not what it is.

My Newest Gift Idea To Put Under The Tree
More than once I've purchased It's A Wonderful Life as a Christmas gift. It's a fun and safe holiday movie. Even if you take issue with bells and angels. More and more, movies are not what they used to be. Duh. But do you ever get weary of the unnecessary language, nudity, sex, and violence that invades the safety of your home?

No, I don't have a website that will rid your family members performances on such matters for Christmas. Sorry. Oh my. But I do have a resource that provides "cleaner" movies. Popular movies. Old and recent. Movies that might be more enjoyable to watch with the family if they were closer to a PG or G rating.

HollyGOOD Films. Over a year ago, I heard about this company on a local radio station. A station I trust. Well, by the time I decided to check it out, wouldn't you know some people in the movie industry didn't like what HF was doing and basically caused it to shut down. They claimed HF was changing their films; I guess infringing on what they saw as their copyright. I'm not certain of all the particulars. So HF was on hold for a time as it regrouped to accommodate the needs of the public.

Now it is back up and running. It looks as though they have had to include the actual DVD along with an edited version option. You have have the option to choose if you want the edited version or not WHEN you purchase the movie. For legal purposes, I would guess.

So You Are Not Offended And This Is Not The Gift 4 U
I do understand that not everyone is offended by 13 and up rated material. I realize some view those ratings as just reality. But how we define "reality" is the difference. What reality I might want to view with my family, may not be the reality someone else would find offensive.

Even if you don't have a problem with certain material, I bet you know people who would benefit from this resource. So pass the info along! What could it hurt?

Not On The Bargain Table, But Close To Under $20
JSYK, HF's prices are not going to be as inexpensive as your local Wally-Mart. But if the cause is good, then it will be worth supporting the company while getting a product that otherwise you would never be able to purchase. At least it's an option. And I love options!!!!

Savings On Your Time, Energy, And Nerves!
  • You won't have to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Saves you gasoline, and wear and tear on your car.
  • Your nerves will be spared from the taxing traffic (cars and humans).
  • Your purchase will arrive on your doorstep. You can return the movie if you don't like it (check out the requirements).

So What's The Running Time?
Too, some of you, like me, enjoy a good action movie. I've been questioned whether HF's wipes out all of the action/violence? Good question. And I can't say I've had first hand experience, yet. I do know when I look at how many minutes are removed from an action movie, it's not very many. So it appears they are keeping as much of the content as they can to make the movie stay true to its story line. I've ordered the movie 300 as it's filled with action, and has sexual content in it. I figured it would be a good one to gauge how well they trim the tree.

I'll keep you posted.

Check out their site. Click here Hollygood Films. And order a movie for Christmas as a gift for someone special. If you like the original, then you can keep it!!!! Fun Times! And everyone will be happier for it!

NOTE! JSYK = just so you know!!!!
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