All I Want For Christmas Is A Fat, I Mean FLAT Belly?

Many of you are asking how we are supposed to get through the holidays without losing our minds, our bodies, and our credit????? Amazing, isn't it, where we have taken the "Spirit" of Christmas? We have to come to the end of ourselves before we come out of a deep and dark cold winter's slumber.

What will it take for you or me? A recession? A loss of a job? A home? A car? A life?

Let's hope not!

The previous articles on Christmas and its "stressors" hopefully brought some hope for the Season. Hope that you can indeed find your way through the cold days of hustle and bustle.

Here are a few more tips:

Even Santa Has A Belly
Gaining weight is the greatest and yet least coveted "gift" of the season. Gift? I know, I know, how can that be? Gifts do come in packages that we oft times don't recognize. I say "gift" because excess weight lets us know it's time to make some healthy changes. Research tells us we best beat the belly or it will beat us.

"Santa, wake up or you might not be making any more late night deliveries!"

Weight gain issues in America are as vast and various as snow is on a wintry night. Think of the "programs" we are offered to get control of, get rid of, eliminate, dissolve, delete unwanted drooping fat off of our bodies. You know, the promises if you pop a pill or use a piece of equipment the results will land you on their next TV advertisement?

Speaking of "land", they probably have some land they'll sell you, too! And all for just a small amount a month...for the next 5 years.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Flat Tummy!
Santa, will not deliver it no matter how good we have been. So how can we work on slimming things down for the holidays?

Let's keep our rationale during the furry and flurry of the Season.

  • That means don't be impulsive. Food: Pull a Bill Clinton, don't inhale. Oh my.
  • Don't limit your indulgences: just don't go all the way. Oh my, that was a bit tacky. Sorry, Bill. It's never good to tell yourself you can't have a particular food. Allow yourself the freedom. Freedom with responsibility. Refrain from gorging. However, what if you feel there are foods you "lose" control over, and can't just take one bite? I'd tell myself I could have it, but "I" am choosing to avoid the damage.
  • Don't go to parties while starving.
  • Try and nibble on something before you go.
  • Drink water with lemon more throughout the day.
Go Dashing Through The Snow
Well, if you live in Texas, forget that idea. However, dashing still works without snow. So while getting your Christmas shopping done burn more calories.

  • Count your steps, count your blessings. Every step you take, you are breathing health back into your body.
  • So park your car farther away.
  • Take those stairs.
  • Begin to work-out, even if you don't accomplish all you want. Start somewhere. Joe Pilates used to say just 10 minutes a day will and can begin to change your life. Try it.
All I Want For Christmas Is Gilad
While I've explored TV exercise programs over the years, my all time fav exercise guru is Gilad with Bodies In Motion. He and I have worked out together since the mid 90s. To this day no one has taken his spot.

  • BIM is varied. You'll never get bored.
  • BIM is user-friendly. He makes it easy to understand.
  • BIM is as much for beginners as long-timers!
  • BIM is taped in Hawaii. Can you believe I went there, and didn't go see him? Bummer.
  • BIM is always rated G, if that means anything to you.
  • BIM is FREE!!!!
  • And Gilad is easy on the eyes! But I've never sensed he is all about that. He seems like a regular guy. He even has his mom on the show at times. She's a lot of fun as well. And his sis has a workout routine as well.

Some of the programs are from a few years back while others are more current. Both work well. I haven't found one I didn't like.

I use his routines more for cardio, and at times plyometrics. I add Pilates throughout the routine as well as before and after.

Check out his website at http://www.bodiesinmotionwithgilad.com/about_gilad.html. Take a trip around the site after you read about Gilad. There is a page that even tells you the times of the shows. Check you local listings as well.

While you can work out with him on TV free of charge, you might want to order Gilad for Christmas or ask for him as a present. I think your hubby will be safe; just tell him you promise not to move to Hawaii!

As with anything concerning your health, please check with a trusted health professional before starting any exercise routine.

For sure, all of these ideas are cost free, which should bring you more freedom from holiday stress. Less money spent. More calories burned.

Now that's a Christmas deal.

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