What Century Do You Live In????

Do you remember the days of postmen delivering your mail? And you actually knew his name? Enter 21st Century: my mail-person is "contracted". And he sure doesn't travel on foot. I think I might know what he looks like. Then again, no. UPS and FedX dump my goods at the front door and dash away without a signature. I can't tell you what their faces look like. But I can tell you about their rear-ends.

How often have I heard my son pleading, "Mom, when are you going to join us in the 21st century?" Then my oldest daughter alerted me that she has no use for a "calendar". "What for? she asked. What for???? Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think she even has a clock with "hands" on it. What's wrong with these kids? I know I taught them better!

Maybe you've never been exposed to those make-you-feel-old-comments! If you have, you'll appreciate my sentiments. If not, then kudos to you. You must be below the age of 30. OK, so 40. Just you wait, your turn will come. In the meantime, extend mercy to us up and coming Baby Boomers. We have a lot to offer. You just don't know it yet. Besides we out number you.

Things I Remind My "21st-C" Children

  • I built and manage four blogsites, and three websites.
  • I have a cell phone (two, as a matter of fact). And I do know how to text (even if I need glasses to see the letters). And, yes, I have blue tooth. But turned down IPHONE. My kids own those. They told me I was not "ready" for it. What's that supposed to mean? hmm
  • I have an IPOD (OK, so it's been in the same package it came in a year ago, as my son reminds me).
  • I have two laptops. Make that three. I have a Mac now. Tell me that's not moving up! (Do I know how to "operate" it? I have private lessons awaiting me...have been since 6 mos ago)
  • I have GPS on my car (though I never use it. Well? It drives me nuts...all the "turn this way, turn that way, now make a U-Turn, blah, blah, blah"). Auditory isn't my "language". And who can read the GPS screen and drive at the same time?
  • I have high speed Internet service (just wish it were faster).
  • I have three or five email addresses. I check on at least two of them.
  • I have a UTube account. But I forget the password.
  • I have a Google account. I'm a researcher, go figure.
  • I have a Facebook that I actually use in my spare time.
  • I have a Myspace. I still can't remember the password (I only got it to keep up with what was going in the world of my children).
  • I have numerous accounts on the Internet for saving articles. I can't remember what they are though. Dug, Digg, or Dang?!
  • I use Online banking.
  • I finally have a digital camera. Well, I've had one of those for years. But this one, I half way know how to work and actually use it (though I admit I've been seen buying instant cameras. omg)
  • I'm still ahead of my hubby on the times. Well, shouldn't that count for about 100 points?
  • I've been on TV. Well? Have they? Hmmm, now that I'm thinking, my oldest daughter was on there once with me!
  • I have an amazing bug zapper. Well? It's 21st. It lights up and makes this great zapping noise when you slam the fly to its death. Lovely thought. Sorry, vegans.
  • I have "electric" candles. Think of the fires and matches I'm saving (yes, I still use matches). Too, I have battery candles. However, I go for real most of the time.
  • I have a flat screen HD-TV. (though my son swears it doesn't have HD. What does he know?) Yes, I do have a "tube" here and there (if you don't know what that means, see me after class).
  • I do have more than enough DVD players. And a bazillion DVDs. And now I've got to change again? But I'm just now getting used to the switch from VHS!
  • I do make purchases on the Internet (my children haven't given me a choice in the matter).
  • Sirius in my car. I think I played it about 5 x in a year.
  • FLIP. No, not Flip Wilson. OK, so you don't know who he is. Never mind. FLIP Video (I'm on the learning curve)
  • Digital photo frame. Love those pix of my kiddos showing all day.
  • Digital photo key chain. Surely I won't get distracted while driving.

OK, how am I doing so far on the cyberquotient? I've heard if you have four or more techy gadgets you are on the up and coming list. In that case, I know I'm in good shape.

  • Oh, yeah, and I finally purchased a can-opener that takes the lids off without that nasty jagged edge. Now that's what I call progress, cyber or not.
  • Most importantly, I'm a Personal Pilates Instructor! How cool is that, even if I do say so myself! LOL. It is the latest and greatest new discipline (though it's been around since the late 19th century!).

BUT I'm most often reminded of "where" I am in this new world when I'm at a checkout. I hear my son's you've-got-to-be-kidding-me voice saying, "Mom, when are you going to quit using those antiquated checks????" When? I think they will be the last to go. Besides I love the fun designs on them. And I'm keeping my handwriting and thinking skills brushed up. But really, I guess I do need to quit holding up the line. Yes, that was me, if you were the one giving me that evil 21st "get with it, lady" look.

Things I Refuse To Give Up...At Least 4 Now

  • Bubble Baths (no chemical bubbles, please).
  • A calendar. Besides I love the pictures.
  • Cutesy check-book with even cuter checks.
  • Hands-on-copies of books. My books are my friends. I write and highlight thru their pp. Just ask any friend who borrows a copy.

  • At least one phone with a cord. Yes, kids, phones had cords at one time.
  • My VHS player...just in case my DVD player breaks (shoot, I forgot I told you I have more than one DVD player).
  • Scrapbooking "on the table"...not on the Internet. Who needs to be creative any more? Me.
  • Pictures in my hands to touch and hold while I reminisce.
  • The radio. My son's first motion in the car: Plug in the IPOD. Not me. I want to hear real people talking to me as I travel. That way I don't feel so alone. Even if I do like me, myself, and I.
  • And I flat refuse to make pancakes out of spray can or ANYTHING of the like. Goodnight. I like "real" food.
  • At least one disposable camera. Well, they don't require batteries.
  • A warm and toasty fire with REAL crackling logs (they come from trees not gasoline, chemicals and such).
  • Hand-made Christmas ornaments (side bar recipe).
  • Taking the stairs. It's called: I need it for good heart throbs. You know, muscular men. JK! Besides, when is the last time you saw a good looking guy on the stairway? For that matter, when is the last time you saw ANYONE on the stairway???
  • No self-ck out for me. I want the personal contact. Even if they are slow.
  • My sewing machine (even if I haven't used it in years). I made a lot of clothes with that thing.
  • Teaching students F2F (face2face).
  • Writing personal notes.
  • And I will never, NEVER give up wanting "close encounters", you know, F2F correspondence.

Projection 4 My Future in the 21st?

No worries, as my son often says. I will continue to move into this tech addicted generation, but only when I get good and ready...or when my kids threaten to take my sanity away from me.

Until then, I'm off and running to sign that next check. After all, it's Christmas. Sorry, Son. But you won't mind it if you are the recipient. Will you?!

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