Merry Christmas 2008!

Here's Health 2 U
I hope you all had a very peaceful and healthy Christmas. Peace and health are not gifts we usually ask for. And when we do, we usually get blank stares. At least that's been my experience.

While "we" contribute to the outcome of our health, without peace among our family and friends, our health may be compromised.

Let's face it, peace is not always easily accessed. At least not with others. We can only find it within ourselves. We do get to choose.

Example Of A Peace Taker
I received an unexpected phone call Christmas Day. Not a welcomed one. My caller-ID services on my land line are turned off, so I didn't know who it was. Considering it was the holidays, I assumed the best. Wrong. It was my ex. Yes, the same one who berated me just weeks ago (if you read that blog) over the phone. The ex that abruptly showed up in the privacy of my worship at church after not seeing him for how many years? And now was nonchalantly calling me to wish me a very Merry Christmas?

Back to the intrusive call. I maintained my composure, safeguarding my peace. Not willing to relinquish it over to the past or present...or future. I sent a clear message I was not acquiescing my sanity to him. My peace. My quiet. My enjoyment of this special day.

You Own The Moment
So here's to health and peace in the New Year. May we all wear it well and know how better to dress it.

PHOTO: Photography by April Williams at a Sip-n-See shower in December!

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